We expect you to read about side effects from official Botox website. See links on this page.

The product we use is Botox and none else for wrinkle injections.

Doctor will read consent form in your presence, and expect you to sign the form, hoping that you have already read the side effects here on this website. But do not worry we will educate you first about wrinkle treatment options and side effects. Once you feel satisfied, you can sign the consent form.

Also it will be Drs decision if you don’t need botox, after discussing your medical problems on a tick box paper.

We don’t take any guarantee for any side effects of Botox or any outcomes. From our past experience we learnt that, all you get only tiny bruising, and mild headaches.

We do not see clients younger than 18. Botox is not licenced for under 18 and over 65. We do treat clients older than 65, but their requirements are different, and they may need more Units of Botox.

Regarding waiting times: In normal circumstances you may have to wait for 10-20 minutes for your turn, but we can not guarantee that you will be seen within 20 minutes. Sometime you may have to wait more than 20 minutes.

If you have complicated medical problems, please book your appointment