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Whether you are looking for Anti-Wrinkle injections for your wrinkles or high quality dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation, We can assure that we can do our very best to match your expectations.

Botulinum Toxin & Fillers Clinic

Non Surgical Cosmetic Clinic on Foleshill road near capitol tiles. GP led CQC registered surgery. Contact me by clicking on button below.
Dr ManMohan Singh with 10 years experience in Aesthetic Procedures.

I can highly recommend Dr Singh
He is careful, diligent and attentive. I have tried a few people for wrinkle injection and I find him the best.

I am very happy from results
I am visiting Dr Singh for 3 years I would like to recommend Cosmetic clinic Coventry to everyone

Thank you for your professionalism, your sensitivity and above all, your expertise delivery of results.

Dr Singh was honest about the prices. He showed me which anti-wrinkle toxin he use, and how much dilution is required. He opened the vial in front of me and kept on involving me throughout the cosmetic process.

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We all know that cosmetic medicine is complex and that people’s requirements and desired outcomes vary.

This is why we offer our clients a complimentary, informative and private consultation with no obligations. During this consultation we suggest possible treatment options, tailored specifically to your needs and budget, which can then be provided at reasonable and competitive prices.

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George Eliot Medical Centre 178 Foleshill Rd, Coventry CV1 4JH Near Kwik fit and Simple storage

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From £150 per area
Treatments for upper and lower face wrinkles and frown, lip & smoker’s, mouth lines, or forehead wrinkles. At our skin cosmetics We provide free top ups for your satisfaction.
Fresh and Smooth look by softening and curing lines & wrinkles with toxin treatment.

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Cosmetic dermal fillers Injections

From £500 per 1ml
To add volume to cheek, fill the wrinkles and lines for youthful looks.
Skin filler injections can be used for under eye tear trough, nose jabs, naso-labial folds, skin hydration, facial volumization with cheek & chin lift and fuller lips. We use hyaluronic acid that stimulate collagen to provide long lasting results.

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From £300 per half tube
To plump up the lips to fuller lips by reducing lip lines and adding volume with fillers.
For best Lip results we use high quality hyaluronic acid lip fillers Restylane and Juvederm as lip volume & lip line filler. Collagen in lips give you beautiful smile by correcting mouth wrinkles, and smoker’s lines with lip enlargement.



From £1000 onward
With advanced technique its possible to tighten your skin and lift shaggy cheek.
To get natural look with cheek & midi liquid face lift try our Ultra V lift the least invasive instant face lift. Want it in ten minutes contact our cosmetic clinic coventry at 02476520183