The above picture was taken just after the administration of wrinkle reduction injections. You can see the initial bruising and very minimal swelling. This is a real picture.

In above picture 7.5 Units of Botulinum toxin was administered, each injection site with 2.5 Units.

Its another ageing sign. Also the most common cause of Crows Feet is smoking. Its not reversible even if you stop smoking. Another cause is sunlight. Some time it runs in families. Normally its uncommon at young age, but due to smoking, we are seeing new patients even from 20 year old people. But don’t loose hope, there is a cure, and its almost permanent. With the help of Botox and our experienced Doctors, you can again look young and beautiful.

Procedure involves, injecting small amount of Botox, under your skin around your eyes. Eyes are very important part of our face and life. You may get ptosis (dropping of eye lid), if Botox goes in to eye muscles. Therefore beware of road side, untrained illegal professionals.