face lift with dermal fillers in coventry at affordable price.

You must have seen people with triangular faces. Some people are born with beauty and some gain it, only with Dermal fillers. Now a days, even Plastic surgeons are advising people to go for “liquid face lift” rather going for plastic surgery or Permanent Cheek implants.

The last thing, somebody will ever want is permanent cheek implants, that can get infected, cause size issues, and can be very hard to remove, also hospital admission and money issues.

Therefore if you are planning to go for any cosmetics, go for Dermal fillers. They also increase the natural anti ageing/aging properties of skin by stimulating collagen production.

Nowadays people are very sensible, they know what suits them. After treating thousands of people, I have learnt that that involving patients in their management plan, is the key thing to success. Its fruitful for both patients and for doctors. Also it depend, who are you getting treatment from, a doctor or a NHS trained doctor or a Spa owner. It’s your life and your face, I will let you decide!

As we get older, repeated muscle contractions, effect of gravity, and life style, made our skin, fat and muscles to move downward. When this happens, cheeks look saggy and flat. You can’t get any younger, therefore, it’s not possible to regain your beauty or youth, by just eating 5 fruits or doing Yoga. The only thing that can help you to look younger and youthful is Dermal fillers. After that you may not need all those expensive skin care products.

We are also expert in different skins, such as skins of ethnic minority. Everyone’s skin is different and everyone need different technique and different product to make them beautiful and young. The following example explained, which part of cheek need lifting (circled) and how will it look like with dermal fillers. As visible in right side picture.

If you would like to know more about your face, about face lift, cheek lift, cheek augmentation or liquid face lift, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can discuss your requirements and can make a personalised plan, also we can discuss, which dermal filler you need, Restylane or Perlane or Juvederm OR the new next generation Radiesse & Belotero.

Contact us for free assessment of your face.