Marionette Lines are the part of Peri-oral wrinkles radiating outward from the upper and lower lips. ‘Marionette lines’ form as vertical wrinkles extending downwards from the oral commissures. See this Before and After image of Marionette Lines.

The above client (55 year old) is treated with thin dermal fillers. Only 0.3ml used to treat the area below left angle of mouth. You can see the instant result, straightway after the fillers.

You can use any dermal fillers to treat Marionette lines. The commnly used ones are;

Restalyne, Juvederm, Succeev, Belotero.

Sometime we use two different kind of Dermal fillers for thick lines and thin lines. Thick fillers go deep and help to get rid of thick skin folds/wrinkles. Thin fillers work like ironing the clothes to get rid of superficial lines around lips and chin (smokers lines).