Following are the rough prices for each area for Botulinum Toxin A. We use BOTOX® Cosmetic Onabotulinumtoxin A as Anti-Wrinkle injection. You can see before and after pictures here on botox cosmetic website. (opens in new tab).

We DO NOT Provide any treatment to under 18 years old. We always check ID.

Please Note: Men normally need double the amount of Botox. But we give you genuine quote when we assess your lines/wrinkles. It means prices varies for men. We will make sure we justify the cost of your treatment. Also we provide free top up treatment to make sure most of the lines are gone.

 One area  £150
 Two areas  £200
 Three areas  £250
 Four areas  £300
 Botox Jaw reduction  from £300
 Under arm excessive sweating  £400

Prices for high quality Dermal fillers.

 Half Tube – 0.5ml   £250
 Full Tube – 1ml  £450
 Lip fillers (depends how much you  need)  From £300
 Ultra V Lift  From 800
 Cheek Lift  From £300
 Nose Job (non-surgical)  From £300
 Chin Lift with fillers  From £300
We don’t provide Tear Trough (under eye dermal fillers) anymore  Do not provide

We also have Travel Clinic Vaccine service at our surgery at George Eliot Medical Centre. We are certified Yellow Fever Centre in Coventry. If you are Travelling abroad and you think you need Travel Injections please click on this link to go to Travel Vaccine Clinic website.